All of these products were originally designed and produced in Budapest, Hungary. Our history has started in 1984 when Janos Agota founded the company (Agota Technic). Until 2008 the companies main focus was on building PA amplifiers but after that we started to design guitar amplifiers and accessories.

Our goal was to make the most aggressive and brutal guitar amplifiers of the world and until the final result didn't match our goals we had to keep developing. It took us months until Attila Vörös of Nevermore helped us in the process and with his opinion we managed to create the final Silverblade sound.

Our goal is now to spread out this amplifiers all over Europe and the US, because we believe this sound can give something more to the people which other amplifiers can't. Something harder and wilder.

Our products are very popular in France, Germany and Sweden even though there aren't many shops that are dealing with our products. Pretty much all of the retailing is being managed by ourselves.

We did not advertise in these countries but our sales are rising regardless. The reason behind that is that we are able to deliver a reliable unit that the musicians are talking about amongst themselves. I believe if a distributor would stand behind us and push us forward a bit we would become one of the greatest and fastest growing amplifier brands right now.

All of our amplifiers are built with red or blue lighting inside and you can find lighting surface under the knobs as well. The front of the products are designed especially extreme featuring the crossed line design. We believe that the look on stage is just as important as the actual playing, especially in the metal scene where the visual impression and design of a band is a huge part of the performance.

We designed the sound of the Silverblade amplifiers mainly for rock and metal musicians. That’s why we developed our sound to be very dirty and aggressive. We used to say that we have the highest gain of all time and basically it is true. Silverblade heads have a dirt switch

Guitarist/s of these bands has already choosen us:

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